Monday, 26 September 2011

Somehow can't feel but a bit 'left' behind - I'm in my thirties and still sharing a flat? Shouldnt I be having my own flat, preferrably OWNING it, not renting - or some sort of space to call MY home? Instead, I'm sharing my space with a psycho party girl, who on Monday evening, when I come home, is still buzzing from the weekend - her eyes size like my dinner plate I'm going to have my canned sardines from (salmon had gone off in the fridge, really was looking forward to it....) - on the other side I  have a bloke who's glued to his laptop screen, scoffing down Tesco's pizza's almost every day thinking when you add pieces of shred salami & tabasco on  it, it somehow makes it 'home made'? I feel I'm getting dumber by the bloody day.... Need to get out!!

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